How to Get $0 Cost-Per-Lead ManyChat Subscribers


Over the last year we have received over 120 -$0 cost per lead Manychat subscribers.



At real in person events, conferences, in phone conversation or at a bar. It was generated by interest and we were able to then convert them into a $0 cost per lead and follow up with them because we had their Facebook profile,  phone number, email address and we were able to generate money and deals from this.


 There are multiple ways to do this. It's not just one size fits all. 


We will go through multiple strategies in this blog. These strategies will apply to every real estate broker and marketer out there.


By setting little trip wires in your business, when people cross over them or they want a valuable piece of content they're super intrigued by what you do. Gone are the days of the classic “Do you have a business card?” You can have a lot of the tools in place and it's not just the business card but you guys are familiar with....

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Messenger Compliance Updates That Affect You (And How To Work Within Them to Still Get Results from Your Bot)


Things are changing and people are wondering what it means for them and is messenger marketing still as valuable as it once was thought to be?


What's the future look like? What about 2020 and those updates?


So what we're here to tell you today is:

1.  The new messenger compliance updates

2.  How you can stay within it but also maximize your Bot and still get results from it

Plus a bonus topic: Facebook ad compliance


What's the deal with messenger compliance?


For those of you who are not technical, good news, don't worry everything's changing. What this means is originally you had a 24 hour rule where you could send as much content to the people as you want. You can essentially spam them. Some people are doing this, so things are now changing.  They were just sending out message after message without any interaction from the end user. Other than the initial opt in, they weren't taking any actions. So it was a bad user...

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How to Make Your Bot More Human


What is the best way to automate things? How can you take more off your plate? How can you do less work and get more work done?


You don't want to take too much out of your salespeople's hands or even your hands to keep that connection with your client.

You want to be able to connect with them on a one on one level so that you can build a trust funnel where they know who you are, they like you, they trust you and now they're even more apt to buy from you. If they don't trust you, they're not going to buy. You don't want to be that stepping stone. You definitely want to be the one that they go to in those times of need.


There's 20,000 realtors in San Diego alone.


It's easy to become a commodity in the real estate space. How do you differentiate yourself?

You need to create a connection because if you create a connection, people are gonna walk past five other realtors directly to you. They know you and are going to work with you because you've...

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Communication is Changing. Realtors Need to Adapt to Survive


Communication is changing.

If you're like most people, you've probably shifted more towards your iPhone or Android mobile device to get your information. That's where you check emails, consume social media and you're probably even using your phone as your personal computer to browse websites.

In fact, more than 60% of ALL web traffic today is from a mobile device.

So communication fundamentally is changing. It's going away from snail mail, emails and relying on a computer and it's going towards instant messaging apps with rich media such as videos combined with text. Additionally, with so many robo-dialers out there spamming phone numbers without people's permission, many real estate leads just avoid phone calls all together if they don't have the number already saved as a contact.

Messaging apps are the new marketing channel.

How can you get in front of home buyers and sellers? Well, because people are on their phone so much and...

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FREE Home Evaluation Real Estate Chatbot Template with Video Training


Can I set up a real estate chatbot without being tech-savvy?

What if there were a way to click a couple of buttons and set up an entire real estate chatbot from a template? What if that template was completely finished? What if it had six-month lead nurture campaigns, it had multiple conditions based on the leads engagement through the process? What if it tagged the lead throughout the process, letting you know what they'd been clicking on? And what if it integrated with your CRM in just a couple of clicks?

Well, that's the chatbot template that we have available at and what we have for free is a home evaluation chatbot template for real estate. So all you have to do is click a few buttons and what it will do is integrate with your ManyChat. If you don't have ManyChat yet, then we will help you set one up. The reason why it's through ManyChat is that ManyChat is a bot developer that's one of the strongest, most popular out there today and that...

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