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How can Realtors harness AI to compete with iBuyers?


As iBuyers are capturing market share, are you curious if you can fight fire with fire?

AI can be used to enhance your real estate brand, but not the same AI iBuyers use.

We invest in developing CONVERSATIONAL AI on behalf of our real estate clients. What that means is that home buyers and sellers can message our Realtor clients on Facebook and instead of waiting minutes, hours, or days for a response... They instantly receive a response in context to the question they asked and it is branded with that particular Realtor client's information.

This can be used to provide value to your leads as they travel along their buying and selling journey and each message provides another impression to your brand, reminding them that YOU are their agent.

This technology helps to automatically generate leads from social media and increase conversion rates by nurturing them better than anything else out there today.

Interested in getting this for your business? Click here to view our Plans &...

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What is one thing Realtors can do RIGHT NOW with social media?


Are you starting a conversation with EVERY person who sends you a friend request on Facebook? 

If not, then you're like most people, and you're also leaving money on the table.

Every new friend request is an opportunity to create an authentic connection.

And what better way to connect than through conversation? 

Don't know where to start?

Here are three conversation starters to BUILD RAPPORT and uncover needs or pain points that you can solve:

1 Review where they grew up and currently live. San Diego local and you are too? Start the conversation with, "Hi ______, great to connect. I see you grew up in San Diego, what high school did you go to?"

2 Review mutual friends you have and start off with something like, "Hi ______, great to connect. How long have you known Jessie Wright?"

3 If neither of those apply, then a great fallback is, "Hi ______, great to connect. Is there any particular reason why you sent the friend request?"

Your goal with this first...

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How to Use Our New Omnichannel ManyChat Real Estate Template


We have some cool stuff to cover in this post.

We're going to go over how to use the omnichannel template.


There's a ton of updates and I'm really excited to go over those updates in more depth and detailed.


We are going to dive in deeper, show you how to use it, what's in it and show you the neuro network in the back-end that makes sure that you deliver the right message on the right channel at the right time.


They all tie together.


Starting off, like I said last week, we designed a “neural gateway” or brain that is going to look for specific triggers and specific flows that we want to deliver.


With the omnilogic which is what we actually call what we have created the “neural gateway” that is starting out looking for a tag. That tag is basically saying, are we going to deliver this next message in Messenger? Are we going to deliver it in SMS or are we going to deliver it via email? Or have they not signed up for any of...

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Omnichannel Follow up, Improved Concierge, Updated AI & More!!!


 Omnichannel RealNurture 2.0.


New updates for RealNurture 2.0


We now have an easier process to link AI to your bot to give us admin access. This will no longer get people hung up on the on-boarding experience, and overall it's just going to be better.


Next is the mortgage calculator. The mortgage calculator used to require you to manually link our Google sheet to your chatbot template. So we went the extra mile and now all of the calculations for the mortgage calculator are seamlessly integrated into the RealNurture 2.0 ManyChat template. We were able to completely remove this on-boarding step. So with that integration, we are saving probably 20 minutes of the on-boarding experience.


Facebook also made some big updates to the targeting and the ability to target with ads related to housing. Now there is a Special Ads category.  This means that now we can only have a 15 mile radius minimum around cities. You can no longer use one...

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Mindset Secret - What is the Lifetime Value of a New Conversation


Today's topic is mindset, and more importantly how does that relate to what we're talking about with our Omnichannel Chatbot marketing messages.


There is always going to be a fancy word for what marketing is using depending on the era that you're living in. There's always going to be buzzwords, but the one thing that should never change is the mindset and how you should approach the problem or solution at hand.


Mindset is all about how you attack your day. Everybody has the same 24 hours.


Think about what marketing actually is and how chat marketing plays into this. Chat marketing is not just a buzzword, but the way to help you get into the right mindset is conversational marketing.


With conversations, you have characters, you have stories and you have the deliverables.


Always ask yourself the questions: Am I selling you something? Do I want you to feel a certain way or am I precipitating this moment to be something better the next? Do I want you...

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How to Promote a Single Listing with Facebook Ads and Real Estate Chat Bots


Today's Topic is how to leverage Facebook Ads and ManyChat in order to promote a single listing.


Within ManyChat in Growth Tools, we're going to use JSON. I like to do the JSON Growth Tool because the ads managers within ManyChat is extremely simple, almost oversimplified. It really limits you with a lot of the targeting and things that you need to do, especially with real estate.

For example, with real estate ads, you now need to delineate a special housing category rather than just running a normal ad. It's really important for you to go into Facebook Ad Manager and do that, otherwise your ad will be flagged and that's not good for your accounts. If your ad gets flagged too many times and too close to the succession, your whole account gets disabled.


To get to JSON (JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation), go to New Growth Tool (within ManyChat) => JSON => Facebook Ads => JSON. What that does is that it then creates a flow.


Within Flow...

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How to Use Chat Marketing to Generate Leads and Grow Your Real Estate Brand


Today’s topic is how to generate leads. That's what it all comes down to. I'd like to focus on some of the pillars of lead generation for realtors. I’m going to discuss a few things that are working right now and some tactics that you can use to generate leads for your real estate business.



Just this last week I spoke in a mastermind panel about how the most important investment that a realtor can make today is an investment in their own brand. If you're investing in lead sources like Zillow or realtor.com, you're investing in their brand. If you invest in Zillow and you're paying $150, $200 a lead, you're closing two homes a month. Good, you're closing two homes a month, but you're also feeding the beast, a company that's actively replacing you.


At this mastermind they covered comprehensive iBuyer training, Open Door, Zillow, Redfin and how Amazon has just gotten into this space as well. Amazon is now offering iBuyer offers with AI algorithms that...

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Facebook Ads + Manychat = 🤩💰🤩



Facebook ads plus ManyChat equals happiness.


What I mean by that is Facebook ads are the traffic channel of choice for ManyChat, which is hosted in Facebook Messenger. The reason why is because it's actually the least expensive traffic source out there for something like this. Not only can you get organic traffic and get these for free, but you can also get paid traffic and generate leads and subscribers for a couple dollars.


Here I am going to go over specific things that are working that we have built for top brokers.

One of our clients out in Las Vegas, has about 350 followers / subscribers on ManyChat. Not 300 million, not 30,000 or even 10,000 subscribers. He has 350 subscribers and out of those 350 subscribers he has closed over 1.5 million dollars in Real Estate. These are buyers and sellers. These aren't just fluff numbers and subscribers.


So, without further ado, we're going to show you how to get actual leads and then help to qualify them with a...

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Easily Implement Email, SMS and Facebook Messenger Marketing Automation



What is automation and how does automation make your business better?


We now know that Manychat can send SMS and emails.


What we have put together is designed to create a simpler process for conversations with the SMS and email platform. This way we can be omnipresent, Manychat is not just on messenger, now we can send out to text messages and the emails.


Now let’s break down the strategy.


Think of it as essentially a waterfall, as people go off that waterfall they go straight into the content, which is the chat bot. Sometimes they get lost in the shuffle of things and we want to get them to go back and not only re-engage in the bot, but get the value that we've created.

So to do that, instead of going straight down into the content. Now we have available options where we jump into the SMS and send them a text.

Now if they click on the link it will re-engage your 24-hour window. Now all of the great content that is already in the...

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How to Get $0 Cost-Per-Lead ManyChat Subscribers


Over the last year we have received over 120 -$0 cost per lead Manychat subscribers.



At real in person events, conferences, in phone conversation or at a bar. It was generated by interest and we were able to then convert them into a $0 cost per lead and follow up with them because we had their Facebook profile,  phone number, email address and we were able to generate money and deals from this.


 There are multiple ways to do this. It's not just one size fits all. 


We will go through multiple strategies in this blog. These strategies will apply to every real estate broker and marketer out there.


By setting little trip wires in your business, when people cross over them or they want a valuable piece of content they're super intrigued by what you do. Gone are the days of the classic “Do you have a business card?” You can have a lot of the tools in place and it's not just the business card but you guys are familiar with....

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