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Messenger Compliance Updates That Affect You (And How To Work Within Them to Still Get Results from Your Bot)


Things are changing and people are wondering what it means for them and is messenger marketing still as valuable as it once was thought to be?


What's the future look like? What about 2020 and those updates?


So what we're here to tell you today is:

1.  The new messenger compliance updates

2.  How you can stay within it but also maximize your Bot and still get results from it

Plus a bonus topic: Facebook ad compliance


What's the deal with messenger compliance?


For those of you who are not technical, good news, don't worry everything's changing. What this means is originally you had a 24 hour rule where you could send as much content to the people as you want. You can essentially spam them. Some people are doing this, so things are now changing.  They were just sending out message after message without any interaction from the end user. Other than the initial opt in, they weren't taking any actions. So it was a bad user experience.


Facebook is all about the user experience, so they shut that down. These changes will take effect January 15th, 2020.


Conversations is what sparked this in the very beginning. A couple of years ago Facebook messenger was introduced as an ad platform. They released that you can start marketing on their platform.

Manychat and other software’s like Chatfuel, started growing and blossoming from this. So with any new technology, there's going to be changes. There's going to be things that are affected.


We like to use the analogy that there's going to be superheroes and there's going to be villains, and based on what the villains are doing, the superheroes have to take action. Unfortunately, superheroes can't win with just love. They have to use force. That force is that the kids aren't playing well in the sandbox. So the parents had to come in and basically step in and say, “Hey, these are the new rules of how you can play in the sandbox and if you don't like those rules get out.”


In other words, Facebook is making it so that you're either going to play nice by their rules or you can find something else to do.


Facebook is holding true to their core value, which is we're all about the user experience. The ads, display, pop ups, news feed, all of these updates and changes are making it better and easier for the user to get the information they want and in the way that they want to consume it.


So what does this mean about the 24 + 1 rule?

You previously had 24 hours to follow up with these people that have opted into your bot.


You can still communicate with them, you can still send them the information that they had requested, you can still even send them additional information for promotional content and upsell them on different things.


So as real estate agents, what does that mean for you?


Potential clients go to your site or see an ad on Facebook, they click that they want to chat with you, they get put into the Bot and you take them through the introductory. This is what's called the welcome message.


Maybe they decided to start communicating with you and send a few messages. Or, maybe they went through your entire welcome message and then opted into your sequence. Everything is designed to give the customer an experience. When providing them with this experience, you become an asset to them.


Any kind of message outside of that 24 hours is now going to be closely monitored.


So what happens after that? What does it mean for you?


The sequences were set up to engage users and to stay on top of their mind; an omnipresence. If your end user does not interact with your Bot, such as just clicking your website link which takes them off the Facebook platform, it doesn't continue the conversation for them within the platform.

When you send somebody into a sequence (if it's after 24 hours) they must do something for you to send them more messages, otherwise you're going to be flagged, which could potentially shut down your Facebook page. Once the sequence happens, if they don't interact, you’re not going to be able to send them more messages. These changes will take effect on January 15, 2020.


Rest assured, Real Nuture.IO will already have a game plan in place so there should not be too much change on your end. If you are interested in learning more, you can always jump into the Developers Facebook page and you can see all that information.

If you want to leave it up to us, keep reading on how you can deploy a marketing strategy using chatbots if you are building on your own.


If you are building your Bot and think to yourself, if they don’t engage with the first message and none of the other messages are going to go out, then what's the point?


Give them value in a sense that allows them to customize their journey anywhere they want to go and consume content at their leisure.


Use the F.O.M.O tactic (fear of missing out).  Let them know that they need to take action today, not tomorrow, not next month. Simplify the process.


Some of these sequences (especially these six months sequences) are delivering value about life experiences and home selling or home buying experiences and how to learn about the process so they are not left in the dark.


What we have to do now is take action and give them a message that elicits a response.


When you stay on top of their mind, now you have to shift and pivot to get more engagement. You do simple things to engage the user. This improves your overall messenger response rate, which improves your training of getting people used messenger for communication with you, and now they're engaging with messenger more. With that comes some perks, you're getting better ad rates because you're keeping people on Facebook longer and you're having people enjoy the experience more because it's fun for them.


Now, when you actually reach out to these clients, they're going to have a better understanding of who you are. They're going to have seen your messages, which is going to boost and increase your click through and open rates because people are expecting messages from you.


Another approach is that everybody loves secrets.


So if you gamify the system by saying, "I am going to send you a message tomorrow here's what to expect". Then it's up to them whether they take action or not. For example, you could say “Hey, I'm going be sending you a message tomorrow on the top tips for staging and getting the most money for your home. Go ahead and choose which one you want to look at”.

Once they choose one, now you have another 24 hours to send them messages. You can continue this process and keep on going without being super invasive because they chose to continue. If they don’t follow up, you don’t resonate with them, and that’s OK.


The whole game has changed in Marketing and Real Estate


There is no need to freak out about these subtle changes when this massive shift in communication and conversations is just starting. It's in the infancy stage. We're still two years into this entire process. We guarantee you real estate did not look the same way it does today back in 1920 but people were still buying houses. People will still continue to have conversations and they always will have conversations. Our natural ability as humans is to tell stories and messenger marketing is just another way to tell stories.


With all that said, Facebook is doing their due diligence because is doing the best to protect the people from the people that are looking to abuse their data or do something that is not appropriate.


The Bot we have built is in compliance with these rules and messenger marketing.  One of the great benefits of being a member is that you get program updates.  As long as you are a member we will send you new templates that plug right in and continue to get better as well as evolving with Facebook messenger marketing compliance updates.


As a member you're going to be armed with technology and that will help you compete with the Zillows and the Red Fins, the technology companies that are trying to replace you.


Lastly, Facebook ad compliance has changed recently for real estate.  If you have tried to run a Facebook ad recently with no avail, it's because you did not mark "special category".  Facebook has now created a special category for housing, which also includes rental listings.


What does this mean?


Special categories removes certain audience target techniques (in Facebook's mind it would discriminate against certain demographics). This really means that you can no longer target zip code, income, ethnicity, gender, etc.  You can also no longer create look alike audiences.  The good thing is though, that you can still re-target website and video views.  This is essentially giving Facebook the reins and sending them in the right direction, but it will do the targeting. 


This update is to let you know that we're already ahead of it. We want to make you aware of it as well though. Everything's always evolving in technology. All we can do is adapt.


That's why we're here is to help you adapt and to stay ahead of it. So you as the realtor can put in as little effort as possible. That way you can focus in on selling homes. 


We're on the cutting edge of this technology and as realtors that are on the cutting edge of how communication is changing, you are setting yourself up to be ahead of the curve in the next 2 - 3 years because as things continue to evolve technology becomes even more important.


So if you have any questions, the RealNurture.io page has everything that you need to know. Just know that Facebook messenger is not only the future but it's also right now for real estate and people are closing hundreds of millions and billions of dollars in real estate through Facebook messenger. Believe it or not. If you aren't on it, take advantage of this special offer.


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