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How to Use Chat Marketing to Generate Leads and Grow Your Real Estate Brand


Today’s topic is how to generate leads. That's what it all comes down to. I'd like to focus on some of the pillars of lead generation for realtors. I’m going to discuss a few things that are working right now and some tactics that you can use to generate leads for your real estate business.



Just this last week I spoke in a mastermind panel about how the most important investment that a realtor can make today is an investment in their own brand. If you're investing in lead sources like Zillow or realtor.com, you're investing in their brand. If you invest in Zillow and you're paying $150, $200 a lead, you're closing two homes a month. Good, you're closing two homes a month, but you're also feeding the beast, a company that's actively replacing you.


At this mastermind they covered comprehensive iBuyer training, Open Door, Zillow, Redfin and how Amazon has just gotten into this space as well. Amazon is now offering iBuyer offers with AI algorithms that are running constantly all day, every day and they're going out and making offers on homes and taking it away from the Realtor. So the only thing you have to be scared of is if you don't prepare and plan for it and actually use the right tools to your advantage.


What I mean by this is if you think that you're just going to sit back and get referrals for the rest of your career, your poorly mistaken. Yes, referrals are mandatory. You should be generating them, but you can't rely on that as a scalable source of business. You also need to be investing in your own brand and in new business and lead generation.


Question. Would it be better to spend your marketing budget and fund a separate business with that budget in order for it to just give you just contact information and phone number in return? Or would it be better to funnel your ad spend through your own brands Facebook business page and through your own outreach efforts that are branded to you? Then be able to capitalize on everything that you do, not only today, but also in the future?


Well, the way that I've positioned the question, it's pretty clear. The better bet is to invest in your own brand. So let's show you how to do that.


In Facebook Business Manager, we have a client’s ad account and he has a pretty large budget. He's spending about $40K to $60K a month in advertising. This is a great case study and base off of because he's testing constantly and he also gives us freedom to test, optimize and find out what's working.

One of the ads we have ran for him is a re-engagement ad for a specific home.

This particular client is selling this specific home in Vegas, he wanted to target certain areas of the nation with this specific listing. We uploaded just three photos and ran an engagement ad and got 121 post engagements. After that we re-targeted the post engagements and generated seven leads with an actual lead form where they gave their phone number and email and then dropped into the Messenger bot.

So that was a simple two step funnel where first, we're generating awareness. Second, we not only re-targeted the people that engaged, but we also created a look-a-like audience of those people that engaged and now we are delivering ads nationwide.  This was a very effective campaign spending less than $100 and sold the house.

This ad also created a ton of exposure. He now has those leads that he can nurture for the next one and the next one. So those seven leads may turn into two or three house sales in the next 12 months.


Be patient, be consistent and focus on the lead indicators. How many phone calls are you making? How many appointments are you setting? In this case, it can be the volume of leads or it could be the volume of phone calls that you're having with them and completed phone calls.


The best agents are patient and have good systems in place. That's why Real Nurtured.IO is here to help you improve your lead nurture sequence and all of the things you do to nurture and follow up. A lot of agents just drop the ball right there, don’t be that agent.


That campaign is a great way to promote a single listing and is a great way to show the power of a Facebook Ad.  It didn't take a whole lot of work. It wasn't some fancy, long copy that sold it. It was a few pictures. It was a connection to the chat bot that is creating long-term relationships.


You don't have to do anything if it doesn't align with your systems. Be true, be authentic. That's what's so great about Facebook ads is you can present a lot of information in a very small window. If you do that consistently, time after time, that lead comes in three years later and he's like, "I feel like I know you but I don't and I've never met you", because you're being authentic and you're being a true self and you're presenting your brand and your business in a way that puts you in a really good light.


People are looking for an authentic person that's going to sell their house and get them into the dream house that they're looking for. Not some guy that’s looking to make the most commission he can instead of helping people out.


It's not what you do in one day that is going to generate that sale. It's what you do consistently over time. All of those positive habits lead up to a sale.


Next let’s go into the Video View Campaign. They created a beautiful listing video with drone footage.  I was able to get 20,000 video views, 131 engagements, 36 comments and 41 shares to the wealthiest zip codes in the nation for $100. Then you will follow up with a re-targeting campaign only to people that watched 50% of the video or more.


What this does is it shows higher intent. If people bail after the first 45 seconds, they're not interested. But someone who watched that whole two minutes or a minute and a half of that two minute video, showing a much higher intent. So, you really want to re-target only those people that watched more than 50% of the video with a lead generation campaign and generate leads specific to this listing.


Why? It increases brand awareness.


All of that engagement is not only going to drive down your costs on your page, because Facebook is seeing how much engagement this ad is getting, it is going to increase the momentum. The more you generate engagement, the more likes, shares, comments that you're getting on your pages and posts is going to reduce the number of spend that you have to spend to get the same results.


It's all about that momentum, but it's also about the engagement. The more engagement, the better your results are going to be because Facebook is looking at it as an algorithm.


So, when you have positive engagements like this, it's only going to benefit you. This is happening in the background that you don't even notice that's going to be happening. The more you run positive campaigns, you're going to have better and better results.

Then based on that wealthy out of state zip codes, preferred zip codes, and the people who live in this homes zip code, he ended up adding to the campaign so that we could increase the overall reach and add some of these more expensive places to reach.

Now we can re-target these people. It was the same ad, it was the same video. All that changed was the three different audiences it was going to.

Focusing on video watches at 50% we generated 3,000 high quality leads. You don't have their phone number and email yet, but you can re-target those people with new lead generation ads and with future content. These wealthy individuals located in and out of state may want a second home in Las Vegas.


With that said, it's all about going for engagement and awareness upfront when you're marketing a specific listing, and then re-targeting based on that engagement.


If you guys want some of these campaigns set up for you, the type of thing where we actually execute the campaign and you could watch us do it, then just let us know.


So if you have any questions, the RealNurture.io page has everything that you need to know. Just know that Facebook messenger is not only the future but it's also right now for real estate and people are closing hundreds of millions and billions of dollars in real estate through Facebook messenger. Believe it or not. If you aren't on it, take advantage of this special offer.


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