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How to Promote a Single Listing with Facebook Ads and Real Estate Chat Bots


Today's Topic is how to leverage Facebook Ads and ManyChat in order to promote a single listing.


Within ManyChat in Growth Tools, we're going to use JSON. I like to do the JSON Growth Tool because the ads managers within ManyChat is extremely simple, almost oversimplified. It really limits you with a lot of the targeting and things that you need to do, especially with real estate.

For example, with real estate ads, you now need to delineate a special housing category rather than just running a normal ad. It's really important for you to go into Facebook Ad Manager and do that, otherwise your ad will be flagged and that's not good for your accounts. If your ad gets flagged too many times and too close to the succession, your whole account gets disabled.


To get to JSON (JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation), go to New Growth Tool (within ManyChat) => JSON => Facebook Ads => JSON. What that does is that it then creates a flow.


Within Flow Builder the JSON Growth Tool is the traffic source.  Then it will bring you to an opt in message. The reason why it's like this and it doesn't just go straight into the flow is because for JSON specifically, you need to get them to click a button in order to confirm their subscription. For that I like to add “I am not a robot”.

What JSON does, is ManyChat creates code in JavaScript to show people on their phone this first message as a real message before they even subscribe.


The welcome messages provides a very easy opt in. They almost don't even know they're opting in, but they do know that they're taking an action.


Once they click that they are not a robot, ManyChat will automatically tag them. The tag is tagging them based on source with specific tagging structures.

This is a called a source tag. In this case the tag will be Facebook, JSON is the name of the Growth Tool, then the date. Now we know exactly how this person came in. I did it this way (where it automatically continued after the message was served) because the first thing that JSON needs to see is a message with a button. If you went straight to the action, it will mess up the entire flow and people will not know what to do next.


For those of you who are not familiar with the back-end of how this works, the Facebook terms of service is what is dictating all of this. Facebook is saying that you can't just go from a link directly into a bot and have a conversation. You need to stay in compliance with Facebook and SMS regulations, but the idea is to make the experience as smooth as possible.


After the opt in, it will take the user to the actual flow.  


I added MLS photos without the watermarks and the MLS tag number on them in effort to keep everything looking clean.  These photos show different areas of the home. I wrote in, "little back patio," “living room”, “dining room”, “kitchen”, “bedroom”, etc. and put the address on the top line of all the photos.  Below all these photos you see the property website button. On the first photo there's not only the property website, but also call now and virtual tour.


We have a broker that goes above and beyond and creates a custom branded website specific for each house. He also has a virtual tour that is created or has a bird's eye view of the house that you can click into. Creating a really cool experience for the customer and made it very simple to follow and view the house.


You want to make sure that it's a seamless process that goes from A to B, that gets the client from the Facebook Ad into the house, instead of having to go to a clunky MLS listing.


Also, by having clean images, you're setting the tone and creating an amazing experience that people don't really need to go anywhere else. People can be on their couch in their pajamas with their wife hanging out, just watching football not taking huge chunks of time out of their day and stream virtual tours of homes. This is extremely convenient not just for your client, but for yourself as well, freeing up your time.


This is a cool experience that can be created for even non-luxury listings.


So with that being said, I’ve talked about the front end of it, now I will talk about the follow up message that I pre-designed to follow up five minutes after. The follow up message says "We would love to show you this home. What is the best number to reach you so we can schedule a time to go see it?"

If they say “Yes”, then the next message will be: “Do you give us permission to contact you through the phone number you provided with personal and marketing related material?” The client clicks “Yes, I agree”. The next message will read “We'll be in touch”. This lets you know we can instantly sync it with the CRM.

What we want to do here is wait, follow up, gather the phone and get free text input.

When you go to reply type, you can do plain text, email or phone. If you do the email or phone, it will pre-load it from Facebook if they've already put it in there.

 At this point I still want to continue the conversation, and then that's where a manual admin notify would be set. Where it will notify the admin and you can jump in on the conversation.


You want to make sure that your bot does not end.  You never want your bot to say “OK, that’s it”.  You want to keep the conversation going.


You always want it to be a perpetuated loop. Even if that flow is done and they've seen the house, have that bot connect to the next message. The next message should be your main menu which shows them more content. This way they can consume a lot more details and continue to get more value from you.  At this point, put them into the nurture sequence and continue to follow up, but give them the option.

Our philosophy is you might as well create an experience because people are going to seek it out whether you have it or not.


Now for the Facebook Ad side.


Within the JSON area (in ManyChat), we have the JSON Growth Tool.  What happens is when you create the opt in message, it will give you a preview. Then, when you go to set up, it now has coded what that looks like on the back end. Just click copy.


Go to Facebook and choose the Messages objective. Once you have chosen the Messages objective, make sure to click the Special Category check box which is required when advertising real estate on Facebook. Click Campaign Budget Optimization, which means you can have multiple ad sets and multiple ads but will only spend $50 max (or whichever budget you choose) as a daily budget and then divide it up based on which ads are performing best.


Targeting for real estate has gotten much narrower over time.  The minimum radius is 15 miles and I chose no detailed targeting and let the Facebook algorithm figure out the rest. You can always suggest people interested in Zillow and Redfin, but Facebook is smart, so I allow it to do the rest.

Facebook will recognize the ad copy and deliver it to the right people, but this is also part optimizing. You want to check the results and tweak and change things if your original ad is not working out.


No matter what your budget or audiences are, they need to be co-aligning to make sure that you're not just wasting your ad spend because it's very competitive, especially in narrowed down targets. Facebook is making it very ambiguous for a reason, protecting the end user. At the same time, you need to be respectful of what you're attempting to go for.


I have found in my research and what we've been doing is $20 a day is a good cutoff for Facebook's algorithm to be optimized. That's just the low entry point that I've seen to get good optimization to not be struggling with your ad spend dollars.  You want to think about what your overall 30-day objective is and then give yourself a good budget and commit to that. $20 is a good starting point.

Also, always check the audience size. What does it cost for you to be in front of 1000 people? If you're doing $35 per day, that means you're going to be in front of a thousand people per day.  In this case with the target audience of 1.6 million, you're never going to reach the entirety of that audience with a budget less than that $36 in a short window. Always think and consider this.

Now on the Ad level, you have your images, ad copy and virtual tour, and you want to choose Carousel Images because it creates a beautifully clean experience. Continue down to Messenger Set Up => Create New => Advanced JSON Setup => Edit and go to the very top section where it says, "Empty," and paste the code that you already copied from ManyChat and it will show you a preview on the side. Go ahead and click "Publish" and your set!


That is how you set up this advanced JSON Growth Tool to get people from a Facebook Ad into a specific flow onto messenger.


So if you have any questions, the RealNurture.io page has everything that you need to know. Just know that Facebook messenger is not only the future but it's also right now for real estate and people are closing hundreds of millions and billions of dollars in real estate through Facebook messenger. Believe it or not. If you aren't on it, take advantage of this special offer.


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