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How to Get $0 Cost-Per-Lead ManyChat Subscribers


Over the last year we have received over 120 -$0 cost per lead Manychat subscribers.



At real in person events, conferences, in phone conversation or at a bar. It was generated by interest and we were able to then convert them into a $0 cost per lead and follow up with them because we had their Facebook profile,  phone number, email address and we were able to generate money and deals from this.


 There are multiple ways to do this. It's not just one size fits all. 


We will go through multiple strategies in this blog. These strategies will apply to every real estate broker and marketer out there.


By setting little trip wires in your business, when people cross over them or they want a valuable piece of content they're super intrigued by what you do. Gone are the days of the classic “Do you have a business card?” You can have a lot of the tools in place and it's not just the business card but you guys are familiar with.


So the first thing we will go over is the business card.  Instead of the regular business card, you can set up a QR code that could be scanned by anyone.  This will bring them right in to a flow.  This flow could be any flow, such strategy session flow where you would give a 45 minute free consulting session with a potential client and so it's valuable to them and get appointments on your calendar.

It could also be used to set up home viewing appointments and open houses to then follow up and get someone's information rather than just handing them a card.


This way, you could deliver them a listing video.

For example, there at an open house right when they walk in right from the very beginning say “Hey, don't even worry about taking any photos and videos and things like that. I've already had it taken care of here. Just pull out your phone”. "Scan this and what I will do is send you the videos, drone footage, as well as the internal photos for the entire house”.

Just have them scan the QR code where they can opt in, and now you have their information and are free to send them information on this home. This way you are capturing some of the traffic that you are generating in person. 


Your building the relationship in person and your following up in Facebook messenger and you being very clear about what your doing.


This creates a real seamless experience right away. It’s different, It's surprising, it's memorable, and people are always impressed with this. It's just combining existing technology in a unique way.

This all can be done without downloading any new apps or learning new features. It’s very organic and an easy nice experience.


If you notice people aren't stopping for your open house, but are stopping to grab a flyer.  Why not put a QR code on the sign or flyer? This way your not missing out on any potential leads.


Also, everything is 100% customizable.

So you can change your phone number, business address, or email without having to order 500 new cards.


Another option would be for VIP’s, new agents, those who are selling.  So once you gain the listing you have a certain tag in Manychat.  The possibilities are endless.


Communication is changing and people are using their mobile devices for their primary source of information.


50% of people have their phone in their hand while they watch TV and over 70% of home buyers and sellers start their process online and more than 60% of web traffic is on the mobile device. So all that equates to a lot of eyes on the phone.  That's where you want to be.


You want to be running Facebook ads, working your sphere, working social media, running client appreciation parties, doing everything. Now once you have them you want to make sure that you're on a channel that's obscured like Messenger. So with that being said, your in the right spot.


Why Manychat? Email versus messenger? Email is still important. The user base is massive, but messenger marketing is key.


In short, for messenger you cannot buy an email list.  It's good and users must subscribe. It's very easy for users to unsubscribe, which is also good.

One thing you could do is go to the settings on your page messenger platform and apply for subscription messaging. This means that you can actually send a non-promotional messages to your following.  You could do this across like any platform.


You have already captured their email, phone number and messenger subscription. You follow up with messenger, you deliver a value video, you follow up again and you attempt to generate the appointment. There is a lot of correlation with real estate and you can generate value along the way.


The next one is quite advanced.

One of our clients is positioning himself as a home and life coach rather than a realtor. He is positioning himself as someone who can assist in the purchase or sell of your home but also help you to plan your next move. He pitches this as a 15 minute strategy / coaching session and is getting $3 leads in a very competitive market where the typical Facebook lead would be $6-$10.


Another route is Webinar registration keywords. You could use this for an open house.

For example:  You have an open house this weekend and you run an ad that is a click to messenger ad with the keyword being “save my spot”. If you make “save my spot” the keyword in Manychat to register them for that week's open house. That easy. You now have them booked and you just generated that lead and it's a fun way to do it.


You could also replace your contact button with a ref URL that will put people in as a new conversation in Messenger for free.


This is easy because it's someone who was just on your page already browsing. This client is pretty hot. You could easily pre-qualify leads by adding an exit intent pop up, so when someone’s mouse goes out of the browser window, it pops up to see if they have any questions or you can quickly qualify them before leaving. If they're qualified, then you want to book a call and then you can send them automated follow-up as well.


Another approach would be that one of our clients does a new page on his website for every single neighborhood and suburb of his area.

So for example, in San Diego you have the many zip codes, but you also have Encinitas, which is a city in San Diego. It's right by the coast. There is also Encinitas ranch, which is just 250 homes in a very wealthy area. 

Imagine if you had that as your service area and you created a web page just for Encinitas Ranch. Now when people are Googling and seeing Encinitas Ranch, you could have photos and different content about it and that's going to get organic traffic to the site. Then adding some tools like Manychat and the Facebook pixel to capture the traffic that's going get you free leads!


For these examples, Yes, it is a $0 cost per acquisition because you're not putting any of your money upfront. You are putting in your time and your effort, which does technically cost you money.  


So now you can start to think of how could you implement that into your business? Who would benefit this extremely well in your business? Who could you partner with? Who do you know?



So if you have any questions, the RealNurture.io page has everything that you need to know. Just know that Facebook messenger is not only the future but it's also right now for real estate and people are closing hundreds of millions and billions of dollars in real estate through Facebook messenger. Believe it or not. If you aren't on it, take advantage of this special offer.




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