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Easily Implement Email, SMS and Facebook Messenger Marketing Automation



What is automation and how does automation make your business better?


We now know that Manychat can send SMS and emails.


What we have put together is designed to create a simpler process for conversations with the SMS and email platform. This way we can be omnipresent, Manychat is not just on messenger, now we can send out to text messages and the emails.


Now let’s break down the strategy.


Think of it as essentially a waterfall, as people go off that waterfall they go straight into the content, which is the chat bot. Sometimes they get lost in the shuffle of things and we want to get them to go back and not only re-engage in the bot, but get the value that we've created.

So to do that, instead of going straight down into the content. Now we have available options where we jump into the SMS and send them a text.

Now if they click on the link it will re-engage your 24-hour window. Now all of the great content that is already in the platform plus it’s mobile friendly and human based. One simple text puts them right back into that sequence.


Secondly, we don’t want to just blast them with text messages all the time. We want to hit them in different places. Think omnipresence, such as that pair of shoes you found on Amazon that has been following you around in every ad for months on end.  You always see them, so when your ready to buy, its easy to find them again.

You don't just message them on Facebook, or inside of messenger. Now you can send them a text that just gets them one more channel.


Everybody checks different channels in different ways.


Essentially what we are doing is creating a system that not only engages people day to day in the bot, but also gives them value. Now we're going to push them a little bit further and say, “Hey, it looks like we haven't heard from you in a while. Are you still interested? Click the link below to get the latest update”. Then you need to give them a reason to want to click it. Don’t just fish them.


In the bot we have already created the white papers for both the sellers and the buyers. We have a ton of different sequences that promote follow ups.


For example: your clients are in the six month follow up and you noticed that you're seeing a lot of drop-off. You can then plug an SMS into that specific flow that says, “Hey, it looks like you saw the first three months of content. I've got three months more. I haven't seen you in a while. If you still interested, here's the latest thing!” And then you name what that next follow-up is.


Maybe you know that a lot of your buyers are looking for a rental or an Airbnb and that’s their interest. You can see who has been sent this message and who has opened and clicked this message. Due to the new terms of service, we will have conditions that will tell you if you can send a message in messenger.


Then, you would send a bypass, an SMS message.


Since we are collecting custom information from the clients such as their address, phone number and what they are looking to buy or sell. You can use this information to customize SMS messages to your, your subscribers. Whether they are looking for a 3-bedroom home, Airbnb or rental. This way you can make a more human SMS automation.

Automation is making a consistent processes that you do over and over again, very redundantly to a mass audience.


With the Manychat system you can make it very personalized. It's all about the content and making it fun and user friendly, not spammy.


If you happen to have somebody that is in a sequence or is a new subscriber and doesn't have any data, your fallback is going to be a default message. So when you put these together and conceptualize what you want to say when certain custom fields are blank. We like to say that buyers are looking for “homes” and sellers are selling a “house”. If you want to send them to a specific flow, you would custom tailor the SMS.


Next, you want to link them to another step. Doing this is going to allow you to do a tons of different things. If they clicked that link and you want to send them to a message, that link will then scoop over and take them to that message and start them over as if they saw this for the very first time. This also refreshes the 24-hour window. You can now send them more content, follow up with them, or even make this message notify your admins.


Now you’ve got them back and digesting more valuable content.


For email, this is where it's the reverse of what we always talk about in Manychat. We always say the conversations and messaging should not be like an email, but for this we are going to take the message and convert it to an email to get them to come back in.

For example: we're going to call this “Fixer Upper Tips” and as a pre-header say “Nobody Knows About Number 7” creating some anticipation.

They go through all the tips and get to number six, then you place a link to see it in messenger.

Now when they open messenger, we will send a message again creating a little pigtail. Doing this will increase the lead score because they did take action, then they will go straight to tip one and get those tips right away.

Now you have them again for another 24 hours. You can also create an admin action to let you know that people have come back into your flow.


We love that you can now re-engage them on multiple channels and you could do it logically in different orders.

The way that we think about it is to value the phone the highest. Messenger and SMS are number one and two, then email third.


With all that said, make sure to communicate with us and have an open dialogue with our team because we're looking for feedback so that we can learn from you on the front lines. Your input is valuable to us regardless if you are a Real Estate Broker or Marketing Agency owner. We won’t know to start that unless you bring those comments or ideas to the table. So get your feet wet, break some stuff and ask us questions so we can continue to update and upgrade what we already have to make it more valuable to more people.

We're in this together it's us against the platforms like Zillow, Redfin and Opendoor that are trying to replace realtors. So everything we can do to help each other level up is going to help us level the playing field against those guys.


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So if you have any questions, the RealNurture.io page has everything that you need to know. Just know that Facebook messenger is not only the future but it's also right now for real estate and people are closing hundreds of millions and billions of dollars in real estate through Facebook messenger. Believe it or not. If you aren't on it, take advantage of this special offer.


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