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Omnichannel Follow up, Improved Concierge, Updated AI & More!!!


 Omnichannel RealNurture 2.0.


New updates for RealNurture 2.0


We now have an easier process to link AI to your bot to give us admin access. This will no longer get people hung up on the on-boarding experience, and overall it's just going to be better.


Next is the mortgage calculator. The mortgage calculator used to require you to manually link our Google sheet to your chatbot template. So we went the extra mile and now all of the calculations for the mortgage calculator are seamlessly integrated into the RealNurture 2.0 ManyChat template. We were able to completely remove this on-boarding step. So with that integration, we are saving probably 20 minutes of the on-boarding experience.


Facebook also made some big updates to the targeting and the ability to target with ads related to housing. Now there is a Special Ads category.  This means that now we can only have a 15 mile radius minimum around cities. You can no longer use one mile targeting or super hyper address targeting anymore. I am currently finishing up the new Facebook Ad videos with corresponding one-click install templates, which will be available by the end of the week.


Next, a few weeks back in the Weekly Hot Seat, we showed you how to create a single listing promo. It was where we would use a Facebook Ad and ManyChat to promote a single listing. Maybe you have a luxury listing or a high-ticket client that wants to see ad dollars going into their property. This will be included for all users who upgrade to our new and improved Omnichannel.


Our new and improved Omnichannel is called Boundless Agent.


With Boundless Agent, there are no bounds. You can touch prospects on any channel, Omnichannel.


I'm proud to announce that Boundless Agent is officially launched and offers Omnichannel lead nurture.

This new product also offers additional Facebook ad templates and early access to new updates. Boundless Agent is going to be a premium tier of RealNurture.io. The massive benefit is that when Facebook changes their Messenger compliance (which is scheduled change is January 15th of 2020), you will no longer be able to send a follow-up message from your business page to someone that opted into your business page outside of 24 hours from the last interaction. So if that person hasn't clicked a button or sent a message within 24 hours, you no longer would be able to send out the lead nurture sequences.


What Omnichannel allows us to do is to now reach out to prospects through SMS text messages and also incorporate email to truly have an omnichannel approach.

Every click that they take on email and every click that they take on SMS reactivates the 24-hour window. Then you can serve them rich media experiences through Messenger that we have already built out for you.


With the omnichannel, when you opt in for SMS or email, that's it. ManyChat's just like, "You're in. We got you. Aha! And we don't let you go." But from an end user, that could be very frustrating. As an admin of a page, the last thing that you want to have happen is these subscribers, or your potential clients, going through your bot and relying on a third-party service to tell you if they've opted out. Everybody does have the option when they get a text message to type stop and it cuts off all communication and they go to an unsubscribe list.


But, if ManyChat is going to charge .03 cents per text message and you're sending out these text messages to people that have unsubscribed, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense for you. What we did to alleviate this is we created a system that is basically a neutral net that we call the “brain”. 


This brain is going to be now integrated into every single flow for every single step. This brain does three things.

  1. It's going to check to see if they've done the 24 hour rule, and if they are within the 24 hours it's going to go ahead and send a message for you within Messenger. 
  2. If they don't meet the requirements and they are outside of the 24 hour window, we put in a system that's looking for three things: an opt-in for text messages, phone number and if this person has previously unsubscribed. If they meet that criteria, it's going to shoot a text message, providing different responses that gets the user to re-engage and refresh the 24 hour rule.  
  3. Lastly, it will ask "What do you want your delivery schedule to look like? Do you want it every day? Do you want it only on the weekends Not on the weekends? Not on Saturday?  Then even further breaking it down from that, "Do you want your messages in the morning? Do you want them in the afternoon or in the evening?" So now we can custom tailor the entire response system to these people.  Maybe people that are on your Messenger list would prefer to be text. So we're going to be pushing them the ability to opt in to not only SMS, but also email. If you want to set that up on your page, we give them those two options.


Now it's the full circle omnichannel. It's not just, "Hey, they've opted into this thing and you guys have to figure out the best way to collect that information, getting them to opt into the SMS, getting them to opt in for emails, collecting the phone number and the email."


This new omnichannel brain is doing that for you, and it goes to every single message. So let's say they've never opted in before, it's going to ask them, "Hey, what are your preferences? When do you want us to be sending you messages?" and, "Okay, now that we know when, where?" So you don't have to figure out what's the best time and place to ask them to get the phone number and the email, it does this automatically. And if they've already subscribed and opted in, it bypasses that and just sends them the next message that they want on their delivery schedule.


We have built a cool setup that is going to save everyone a whole bunch of time. It's going to get these new people to subscribe and to opt in and to collect that information in a seamless way that allows you to not have to worry about the technical aspects of if your compliant or not.


The real question you are wondering is how much does it cost?


Boundless Agent is coming in at a cool price of $199 a month.


This includes Omnichannel and everything mentioned above.

Our goal is to empower 100,000 realtors with this technology. That's why we're making it so available and affordable is because we want every realtor to be able to have tools like this at their disposal.


The next announcement is the RealNurture website and online portal just got a face lift. So you'll see new clean design, new fresh graphics throughout the whole website and the online portal. Everything just looks much better, brighter and cleaner.


Also, the same concierge thread that you know and love has received back-end updates and is now also available right from the online portal. What that means is not only will you have a concierge thread on your phone and Facebook Messenger, you'll also have it when you're logged into the online portal.  So If you’re in the middle of doing something and you get stuck, right there at the bottom right is the concierge thread. This thread will be the same conversation as in Facebook Messenger, so it will bring up your previous conversation.


One caveat is that we are shifting it off of the STEEZY.Digital page and over to the RealNurture.io page. Which is a new Facebook business page that is specific for this offer and this product, so that we can really serve you better.  This will require you to opt into the concierge again.


So with that being said, here is a link to the new RealNuture.io page, so make sure to subscribe. Even if you've already subscribed to the old one, make sure to subscribe to the new concierge.


The next update is that we have updated our AI knowledge base to be smarter than ever.  This is conversational AI which means that there's a lot that goes into it. We're understanding natural English language processing in order to then let a knowledge base respond and customize it to you. Now it's smarter, leaner and faster than ever.


Both the Standard Plus and the Boundless Agent chatbot templates have corresponding ManyChat flows for this new AI update. So regardless the tier you're on, you get the new update automatically. It's all included.


Our core product which you know and love, is remaining to be the most affordable AI-enhanced real estate chatbot on Earth. There's nothing else out there like this. This product is now simply shifting its name from RealNurture.io (which again was the flagship product) to Standard Plus. Everyone that currently is in this group has already been shifted to Standard Plus. It's the same product with a different name, Standard Plus. Of course, you also have the opportunity if you would like to upgrade to Boundless Agent.


My team and I have learned a lot during this updating process, and I look forward to continuing to grow as we deliver the best product for you guys. Thank you so much, just for being a part of RealNurture.io.


Quick question, do you want an incentive to go try out the Boundless Agent?


We’re offering for you to check out Boundless Agent right now in the RealNurture group and start a seven-day free trial.  If you do, we are willing to give you 50% off the first three months of using Boundless Agent.

Start a seven-day free trial, check out the omnichannel and see if you like it. If you do, it's only $99 a month, which is only $60 more than you're currently paying for the Messenger experience. 


With all that said, I am going to host a webinar on Tuesday (register here). In this webinar we are going to go over Facebook ads + ManyChat and how they work together. The real value is that we're going to go behind the scenes into the Omnichannel.  If you reading this after the fact and want to watch the webinar, then just go ahead and click this link and we will have everything described to you and more.

I also took it on a personal mission for myself to develop a separate webinar bot. When you register for the webinar, on the thank you page you'll get the opportunity to opt into a webinar concierge bot.  This bot will offer value leading up to the webinar.


Lastly, we have the Mastering Instagram Growth e-book. I've grown over a dozen Instagram accounts to over 10,000 followers, so I have experience in this area. I know that Instagram is a popular topic for realtors nowadays. Actually, the largest group of home buyers last year and this year we're millennial's. Millennial's are now getting into their late 20's and early 30's and are starting to settle down buying homes and having families but are also still on Instagram. There has been a lot of hype in the real estate industry of how to be present on Instagram, what to post and how to engage.


To help with this, I am launching a Mastering Instagram Growth four-day challenge.


What this will do is help walk you through the eight universal fundamentals of growing any Instagram account. It will also have a video of me doing a one-on-one training with a real estate agent so that you can then hear her questions to me, and my answers to them, and you can see the interaction. This way you can literally watch a coaching and consulting process over a four-day period in a bite size way.

After that is complete, then you can get ready to generate zero-cost leads through Instagram. Once you have over 10,000 followers, you get access to the swipe-up feature on your account and in your stories.  With this swipe up feature, you can literally generate leads for nothing, organically.


It's not easy but there is a science to it. If you stay consistent and follow the process, it will work.


So if you have any questions, the RealNurture.io page has everything that you need to know. Just know that Facebook messenger is not only the future but it's also right now for real estate and people are closing hundreds of millions and billions of dollars in real estate through Facebook messenger. Believe it or not. If you aren't on it, take advantage of this special offer.


Have you signed up to be an affiliate yet? We offer a 25% per month affiliate payment forever. Here's the affiliate link.


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