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Facebook Ads + Manychat = 🤩💰🤩



Facebook ads plus ManyChat equals happiness.


What I mean by that is Facebook ads are the traffic channel of choice for ManyChat, which is hosted in Facebook Messenger. The reason why is because it's actually the least expensive traffic source out there for something like this. Not only can you get organic traffic and get these for free, but you can also get paid traffic and generate leads and subscribers for a couple dollars.


Here I am going to go over specific things that are working that we have built for top brokers.

One of our clients out in Las Vegas, has about 350 followers / subscribers on ManyChat. Not 300 million, not 30,000 or even 10,000 subscribers. He has 350 subscribers and out of those 350 subscribers he has closed over 1.5 million dollars in Real Estate. These are buyers and sellers. These aren't just fluff numbers and subscribers.


So, without further ado, we're going to show you how to get actual leads and then help to qualify them with a bot.  We're going to go to flows, and one of the most popular is the "New Las Vegas Listings" flow, which is also the first one that we teach you how to customize in your online course.

In the online course we show you how to set up median buyer ads, luxury buyer ads, etc.  Once the ad is set up, running and the client clicks “Yes, see this in Messenger”, then they arrive within your Real Estate Chatbot. 

Now what?

In most cases you can get leads between $6 - $10 per lead.


Now were going to explain a new strategy that is getting about $3 buyer leads on Facebook with ManyChat.


We’re running a message campaign using general targeting because of the new ad compliance. Make sure when setting this up go to Housing Special Category because now Facebook is very heavily restrictive of targeting for housing and different ads of that nature.

Starting with a budget of $30 per day is a great start. If you're on a budget and you're only doing this for a week, then if you budget $30 per day, you would really only spend $150 because you would only run it for five days. You don't have to run this all month in order to get results.

Please note though, you do want a bit of a higher daily budget for a campaign like this because that gives Facebook room to outbid other people on certain Messenger conversations because they are confident you're going to get that conversation, but if you're daily budget is super low, then it actually doesn't allow Facebook to make that bid. This can make your ad costs go up, so it's sort of reverse psychology.  If you do a higher daily budget in a shorter time frame for certain kinds of campaigns, it can actually improve the results.

If you ever want to see what your ads are going to look like, hit "preview", you will need to go to the ad level. You can do this by going to "campaign" => "ad set" => "ad" and then a preview button appears and you can select it. Now you can share a link with a client, or you can preview it specifically on your desktop or in your mobile device.


For those of you who are good at running Facebook Ads but have never run a messenger ad, what does a Messenger conversation look like? What does $3 cost per conversion actually get you?


I thought to myself, what are some pain points of those in the buying process who are going to open houses this weekend?  They probably don’t have a lot of time and they are just squeezing in what they can over the weekend to see a few houses.

The buying process can be a hassle so what do you want the end result to be? Save time.

With that in mind, I created some Ad copy “Save time by viewing our listing, the latest open houses in the Las Vegas market”, then mentioned a few neighborhoods to catch more people’s eyes.  I also mentioned to “Click “Learn More” and we will send this list to you in Facebook Messenger”.


The number one compliance with ManyChat and Facebook Messenger is that you must let people know that they are going to open Messenger, it’s also a nice courtesy.


Now they just need to hit “Get Started” to subscribe, and what happens is they confirm they're not a robot. I also do that step because it's something people are used to, but it also creates that engagement.  Now they are a subscriber and you have 24 hours to touch base with them.


Now they can view the open houses, and not just any open houses, it's YOUR open houses that are coming up this weekend.


You're delivering value, but you're also promoting your own open houses that you have listed out for your team. This also dynamically updates to link to their Facebook events page, so they can also see future open houses as well.

I also subscribe them to the buyer sequence that says, "Just so you're aware we want to be a resource for you.” Now we'll nurture them for six months, and they can always type "stop", but it just lets them know, "Hey, we're going to follow up.”

This funnel is not only delivering the value, it's getting the subscriber up front. At this point we have their Messenger subscription as well as their Facebook page.

When gathering information, you can also ask “Would you like me to find a list of homes within your budget?" "Is there anything in particularly you are looking for?" "A pool?"  "What price range?"

Those are typically the only questions that I ask within this flow because the idea is to get their name and phone number so we can add them to the CRM to call them.


The whole idea is to generate sales calls.


This is all set up with Google Sheets and Zapier so the broker literally does not have to do anything except to watch the new leads come in.  The broker now has their Facebook profile, their Messenger subscription, sent them to their open house page, and the client is now nurtured for six months. All for just $3.


Also, as a rule of thumb, I always go to the person's personal profile and add them as a friend when someone comes into my bot. I like to physically message them back. Why? Because even if I don't close right then, they're going to see my posts on my personal page, my business page and multiple places forever. It also builds social proof when you add them as a friend, they see your pictures with your family and friends, what you’re up to, or any nuggets of knowledge or events that you drop on your page. People buy or sell a house only once every four to five years, maybe longer, but you can build a relationship with them based on you being a real human.


Facebook does a great job at generating leads. We kept the parameters very open for this ad.  We have only targeted those who are interested in Zillow, Redfin, etc., we kept the automatic placements on and just let Facebook take over and do its thing.  


Now let’s say you're doing some open houses. Maybe you don't have a list of open houses, but you have one or two and you want to promote them.


Here you would go to Growth Tools, then the Facebook JSON Ads tool, from there you could create or update this flow to whatever you wanted it to be. JSON is JavaScript. JSON stands for JavaScript object notation (for all the nerds out there like myself). It’s pretty neat because it does the coding for you, you don’t need to know code at all.  All you need to do is create a flow, (in this case we are doing open houses). It’s created exactly the same, but the only stipulation here is that there needs to be a message with a button at the beginning (such as “I am not a robot”).  Once you do that and hit “save”, it creates code for you.


From there you will go to Setup and copy it to clipboard. Then go back to Ads manager, and in this case, the campaign is messages, and go to the ad level. Once you have your creative in place. You've got your single image and your ad copy ready. You have your button picked out and your pixel turned on. Now you just go to the bottom where it says “Messenger Setup”.  Instead of using an existing or standard one, create a new one. 

Go to “Create New”.  It already has a welcome message in there, you will need to edit and then delete that message. So now when your client lands here, they will get exactly what they are looking for. Then you will just need to use an existing or create a new open house list. Now your all set.


You connected a mobile friendly app to a Facebook ad just like that.


With all that said, we're continuing to test with our top broker clients and with bigger ad spend budgets, then we're creating templates to allow you to turn it on and put it into your business. Even if you're only spending $10 per day, you'll still get results because we have tested it thoroughly.

We have done a lot of tests and still find that for real estate, lead generation objective is superior to the messages objectives in terms of lower cost per lead and better data. For this case though for whatever reason, for open houses, the Messenger approach is working.


If you want to test something new or get a new channel for your bot. Try it!


You could think about it this way. Streams lead to a lake. You have the glaciers up top. You got little streams that lead to a body of water, then that creates another stream, and then eventually it goes into the ocean. So, your ManyChat subscriber list is like your ocean. So, you want to create a bunch of little streams of leads and subscribers into it.


First you have your core. Main, median, house prize, luxury buyer or free home evaluation seller ad. It's probably going to be a higher cost per lead, but they're quality and you will get some subscribers consistently.

Then try the open house flow and boost those subscribers. Now try a Facebook comments tool on your page, promote a house and ask if people like an island in their kitchen or not. Leave the comments to either “yes” or “no”, and then based on the response, deliver something in Messenger.


There's a bunch of ways to get people into your bot, which would be your ocean or subscriber list. You just need to think about adding more streams and streams of not only leads but streams of income.


At the end of the day, we're going to help you nurture these leads and at some point, these leads are going to close.


You got into real estate to serve your clients. With this bot and flow you can attract a ton of clients to you. Instead of going knocking doors, cold calling, email lists, etc. You can attract them directly to you, you can nurture them. Then you can start to close them one by one over time.


Even if you're spending a small amount just to get it going, get the experience. It works. There not many opportunities out there where you can just plug it in and let it go. We're giving that to you. This works. If it doesn't work for you, we'll help you tweak it because we know that the system is a valid one.


This is marketing at the end of the day. There's always going to be a different place or a different time, that things don't work the way that they should. But this system is foolproof. We tested it. It's been vetted. It works.


Don't delay or sleep on this. The value is massive. You can literally jump in someone's Messenger and just say, "Hey, I just wanted to chat with you personally." How many people can you just walk up to on the street and say, "Hey, I saw you wanted to buy a house, let me talk to you about the house that you want to buy." It's not going to happen. Especially not for $3.


You can't walk up to somebody and say, "Let me buy you a cup of coffee and then we'll talk about selling your house." That doesn't happen. That's what this is doing for you. Use it.


If you are like most realtors I know, you're thinking you have a ton going on and don’t have time to get it set up quickly. Just message the concierge and say, "Hey, I want that open house funnel for my open houses next week." We can do is set it up for you for a one time fee.



So if you have any questions, the RealNurture.io page has everything that you need to know. Just know that Facebook messenger is not only the future but it's also right now for real estate and people are closing hundreds of millions and billions of dollars in real estate through Facebook messenger. Believe it or not. If you aren't on it, take advantage of this special offer.


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