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Live Q/A Live Chat Feature on Websites and Facebook Pages!!!


Today’s teaching topic is: The Live Chat Feature on Websites and Facebook Pages.

How are they getting into the bot?


Johnathan asked: I want to send mass invites out on my Facebook page. The chat box is so valuable that I want it to automatically appear. How do I do that?


Go to Settings on your Page, then you go to => Show a Greeting => Greet people before they send.

Your greeting appears in the chat window before a message is sent, or in the about section.

Where it says book now. You can click and edit that button. One of the options is “Send Message”. Hit "Contact You", and then send message. Hit "Continue”. Then choose Facebook messenger. Click “Finish”.



Next question: Before, I was able to switch back and forth to my Business Page, and now I can't find it.



That's because you added it to your Facebook Business Manager.


That's really a key difference that a lot of people get hung up with....

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Live Q/A on How to Send Flows From The Chat Within ManyChat!!!


Today our teaching topic is: How to send flows from the chat within ManyChat.



The reason why I want to show you that is because ManyChat right now is having a growth tool ref URL problem. They sent out a notice about it. So if you're seeing that leads are coming in and they aren't getting the new local listings flow, then this is a quick workaround. So I want to make sure that everyone is A, okay and good to go with that.


Start by going to ManyChat.


Search a person. Go to the audience tab and just type their name in the search. Then either click outside it or hit enter. It'll take a second to load the photo because it's a cache. Now when you click on someone, there is a button that says “start chat”. This allows you to manually start a chat thread. Which brings it over to the live chat away from audience.


Now that you are within the Live Chat area, you can now choose to send any flow.

The “start chat” is a really...

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Real Estate Marketing Materials for 2020 and Beyond!


Today’s topic is mainly about what Real Estate marketing materials are you going to need in 2020 and beyond.


Why do we bring this up?


COVID-19 has suddenly brought everyone's business online, whether they are ready for it or not.


We want to review some tools of different items you will need in order to be successful moving forward.


#1 - Do you think that realtors are going to need a personal website moving forward? Is that going to be priority number one?

I've heard people ask this question. It's a double edged sword. I think it can go both ways and I'm going to obviously ask what your opinion is after. In short, No, you don't need it because it's all about how you show up for people and what you can give them. But on the same token, if they can't research you and find out that you're a legitimate business, why would they choose to work with you versus somebody that they can't find is reputable business. It can go both ways, but I think moving...

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Real Nurture Q/A!!!


In this blog we will go over a quick Q & A.


The 14-day challenge has been great and we're going to have a bunch of new users in here in about two weeks because everyone's going to start a new trial and convert over to boundless agent.


What is this 14-day challenge you speak of?


I'm so glad you asked about that! It's pretty much the best of everything. It helps businesses (especially real estate), by automating not only lead generation, but it nurtures them.


This 14-day challenge breaks it down so anybody can do it.


It doesn't matter if it's your grandma, your mom, your sister. I think even somebody that's in grade school could do this. We break it down in such a way that it's step-by-step. It's piece by piece. It all builds upon itself, and the best part is we're there with you. We're here to support you. And we do live Q and A, live chat, live discussion every single day of the challenge.


If you do get stuck, we're right there with you....

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Coronavirus & Real Estate: 5 Safe Ways to Continue Showing Homes in 2020


Despite the Corona Virus and all of the craziness going on, we hope you are doing well.

We have certain circumstances that we get accustomed to, that we get comfortable with. And this situation is not just this situation with the virus and everything going on with the pandemic, but also it being a leap year.


I feel like nature is saying everybody needs to take a leap and do something that scares you and move forward in life. The reason I like the word adapt is because it's a couple different folds and you can put an acronym in it and all these different things. But it's making people accept the world as it is.


It's making them pivot how they deliver the value that they're giving their customers.


And that's the biggest thing is just becoming a better society. I see this as such a big positive thing, where everybody's starting to think outside the box. We're not in our comfortable state. Everybody that's ever been online right now is going crazy and they're...

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Facebook Compliance Updates (and how RealNurture is here to Help)


Today is about Facebook compliance and how we are here to help.


In 2020, Facebook is taking away the 24 + 1 rule.


What does this mean?


24 hours on Facebook Messenger since the last interaction from a user to your business you could send one follow up message.


Anything after that, you break compliance if you keep messaging and spamming them.


Now, as of January 15, we were supposed to have all of our subscribers opted into other areas that we could contact them such as email and phone.


Here at Real Nuture.io, we already have our omni-channel template released. We're releasing another version of it soon as well. So, there's the 2.1 and we're releasing the 2.2 very soon.


With that being said, I have a very important update for you, and this is directly from Facebook’s Developer website.


January 15th, the 24 + 1 rule is going away and we're only going to have 24 hours to contact people. What that means is during this last fall...

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We're here to talk about Zapier today.


I'm going to go through the tried and true integration with Zapier for any Real Estate CRM.

We do this for every client.

Not only does it instantly link a Facebook Ad to the CRM, but it also does some really cool stuff along the way.


If your potential client does not subscribe to Messenger, it follows up with a text. So it's a pretty cool Multi-Step Zap.


What's the purpose of the Zap? What is a Zap?

Well, Zapier is a Website that integrates everything.


I consider it the glue of any business. Just like Manychat and this omni channel approach, it does so much and you can build the Messenger marketing bot inside of ManyChat to do pretty much anything that you want. Zapier is the same exact thing for everything else.


How does that work?


For the first example, with a partner we we're working with, we had 500 sales, and we had collected the data in five different places. The ultimate objective was we needed...

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Real Estate Facebook Ad Examples with Live Q&A


Today we're going to take you on a test drive through some real estate Facebook ad examples with some live Q&A.


My goal with this is to have all Real Nurture members to be able to come on these weekly lives, get group support, and ask specific questions that's occurring within their ad account or within their chat bot.


We want people to raise their hand and let us know, “Hey, honestly man, I signed up a week ago and I haven't gotten my ads to deliver yet.” Let's handle it and get you some closings. Let's get you some sales. With that, it will also help us to see if there's any holes in the on-boarding process that we can then fill.


Without further ado, let's talk about a little bit of philosophy with Facebook ads.


First off, what did people used to do for traditional advertising?


Cold calls, door to door, flyers, newspapers, Superbowl commercial, local brand awareness, mailers with coupons.

As far as from the real estate...

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How to Generate Real Estate Leads from Facebook Comments Using Our ManyChat Template


For this blog post, we're going to dive into some really cool stuff with the Facebook Comments Growth Tool on ManyChat.


A lot of people don't use the other growth tools in ManyChat and a growth tool is your ability to get traffic into your bot.

What I mean by traffic is home buyer and home seller leads.


If you only use one traffic channel, why don't you use some of the other ones too?


I bring that up because with the Facebook Comments Growth Tool ties specifically to the page that this ManyChat bot is tied to. You can't run a Facebook comments growth tool from one business page to another business page. It's one on one.


Before we go any further, I wanted to point out that Facebook recently (in the past few weeks) have started screening when you ask for the audience to do specific things, such as a specific comment on a post, this is for video as well. 


Instead of asking to comment a specific word, ask an open-ended question. Within ManyChat...

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🏠 Modern Marketing: What is the #1 Area for Realtors to Focus on Today?


 With so many options, are you wondering where to invest your marketing dollars so you can generate the highest ROI? 

I have been featured on National Real Estate TV Talk Shows, Podcasts and Mastermind Panels like this one teaching top agents what I am about to teach you.

 DISCLAIMER: these principles are not my own. This one, in particular, is a combination of knowledge gained from legendary investor Warren Buffet and infamous media mogul Gary Vaynerchuck.

 Warren Buffet said, “Ultimately, there’s one investment that supersedes all others: Invest in yourself.”

 Gary Vaynerchuck said, "Whether you like it or not, every person is now a media company. The tools are easy, free, and everywhere. More importantly, producing content is now the BASELINE for all brands and companies."

Producing great content is NOT enough on its own though.

The other side of the equation is driving QUALITY TRAFFIC to that content.

 I have seen dozens of...

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