Would You Give Me $1 if I Gave You $12 in Return?

In this video, you will see the EXACT real estate lead generation funnel that generated $1,450,000 in home sales for one of our clients (a 12x return).


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STEEZY.Digital & RealNurture.io have been featured on multiple real estate TV talk shows and magazine publications.

What Do I Get?

Proven templates which took over $25,000 to develop that will automatically nurture your leads 5x more effectively than email and integrate them with your CRM!!! 

Our proprietary AI knowledge base will reply to Messages sent to you from home buyers or sellers with your own branded content and contact information

Easily install our Facebook ad templates with one-click and video assistance so you are generating $6 leads from Facebook within minutes!

Each step is outlined in bite-sized video training that will get the entire system set up for you in 57-minutes or less! Your online portal will continue to be updated with bonus content that will add value as long as you are a member.

Weekly Live training and Q/A plus peer support is available through an exclusive Facebook group only for RealNurture.io members.

You get access to an exclusive concierge which will set up the integration to our AI knowledge base for you. Additionally, if you get stuck, just message your concierge and we'll jump into your account to help you!

Turn your Instagram into a lead generation machine! A wealth of knowledge and exact strategies are contained in this 29 page eBook dedicated to getting you REAL local followers.

eBusiness Card to gather leads in-person and nurture them in Messenger! You can use this at open houses, conferences, and more. The possibilities are endless. 

To test this out for yourself, follow the 3 easy steps below:

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Optional Concierge Setup

Afraid you're going to invest in this system and never set it up? No problem! We offer one-time concierge setup, simply choose that option at checkout and we'll get everything running for you.

Nurture Leads with 24/7 Automated Follow-Up

On the phone they say they're "just looking"

Nurtured for 6-months.

Speed-to-Lead. Client Questions Answered by AI

Lead comes in on Saturday night when you're out with friends?

Followed up with immediately.

Setup One-Click Facebook Ads in 6-mins or Less

Spend money on ads that are already working.

Not on monthly retainers.

Testimonial - Zandra Ulloa

"Within 1-month we have over 200 leads and even have an escrow going very strongly right now!"


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Testimonial - Richard Lerma

"14 leads within 36 hours of signing up!"


Click the Button Below to Start Generating & Nurturing Leads Automatically Today!



Facebook Messenger is 5x More Effective than Email for Lead Nurture

Consumers are inundated with information and have hundreds or thousands of unread emails.

Messenger on the other hand receives over 90% open rates and is actually growing as a marketing channel!

The New Way to Generate & Nurture Real Estate Leads

"Facebook Messenger Marketing is in prime position to become the world’s #1 marketing channel in the coming years…and the companies who become early adopters of this fast-growing channel are going to have a serious advantage over their competitors."

- ManyChat Blog

Effective Lead Follow Up That Converts

  • 97% open rates
  • Pre-trained AI 
  • Save time and close deals
  • Boost conversion rates
  • Built-in lead scoring based on engagement
  • Integrates with any CRM



Stay Top of Mind for 6-Months

Never let another lead slip through the cracks


Will This Work For Me?

This will work in any market in the United States or Canada for any realtor whether you are brand new, a seasoned broker or somewhere in between because you will build a local following on social media and have a proven system to convert them into sales.

Easily Set This System Up in 57-Minutes or Less!

One-Click ManyChat and Facebook Ad templates, bite-sized videos for each step and a Facebook Group + Individual Concierge for Support

Video #2: How To Access Your Personal Concierge

Video #3: ManyChat Requirements BEFORE Getting Started

Video #4: Installing Our ManyChat Real Estate Template

What This Means For You

More results, better quality of life, and finally... time freedom! With the same systems top brokers are using you can focus on SELLING Real Estate and still have time for a social life.

"I am not tech-savvy at all. I was able to setup the whole system in less than an hour."

Peter Knoppert Sr.
Berkshire Hathaway - Dana Point, CA

"I Would Recommend Jeff and RealNurture.io to ANYBODY. If You Need Anything for Social Media or Tech, He's Your Guy!"

Aaron Taylor
The Real Estate Guy - Las Vegas, NV

"No kidding, this is the most valuable lead gen system, best training and system I have seen anyone offering to agents. Easy to understand, easy to setup (because of the trainers 😀) Especially for the price. Blown away. Thank you both. I cannot wait to start running ads."

Sherma Sullivan
Broker/Owner - NextHome

"Real quick I just wanted to let you know my ads went live WED morning at 5 AM and since then I have had 6, yes 6, leads that I have had conversations with and I am speaking with at least two who are interested in more info."

Shawn Monsen
Realtor - iPro Realty Network

We're Messenger and Facebook Experts

Save Time Using Proven Facebook Ad and ManyChat Real Estate Chatbot Templates


Automatic Real Estate Lead Generation & Nurture Easily Setup in 57-mins or Less

Frequently Asked Questions

After a lead is generated and opts into Messenger they are automatically entered into lead nurture sequences that are 5x more effective than email. Both our buyer and seller sequences are customized to your brand instantly, follow up every day or so for months with value-based content, and receive 97% open rates. Our system also scores the lead based on engagement and notifies you when someone is clicking through the nurture sequences.

57-minutes or less to have everything up and running! This system is designed to save you time. After that we will continue adding value through the Facebook community and posting template updates to your exclusive online portal.

Once you set RealNurture.io up you have both group and 1-on-1 support to help guide you with what's next. We have weekly Facebook Live's where we answer questions in front of the group and you have a dedicated concierge thread you can message at any time when you have questions or need guidance. Ultimately, after you set this up the first time you can get back to selling real estate and only need to check on the system once or twice per month.

What you'll get:

  1. One-Click Install Real Estate ManyChat Template

    • 6-Month Buyer Lead Nurture Sequence
    • 30-Day Seller Sequence
    • Listing Lead Funnel
    • And More!!!
  2. Access to our Real Estate AI Knowledge-Base

    • Trained by thousands of real home-buyer and seller questions
    • Each AI response is custom branded to you
  3. One-Click Install Facebook Ad Templates

    • Luxury buyers
    • Median buyers
    • Equity sellers
    • Retargeting funnels
    • And More!!!
  4. Access to our Secret Facebook group

    • Ongoing group training
    • Community support from other members
    • Mastermind best-practices working for top brokers
    • One-click ManyChat template updates
    • One-click Facebook Ad updates
  5. Quick, bite-sized video training for each step

    • Hosted in an exclusive online portal
    • Easy-to-use with ongoing updates
  6. Concierge support if you get stuck with any templates or videos

    • You get access to a concierge Messenger thread to help you with specific problems
    • Your concierge offers 1-on-1 support and can dive in to make changes in your account for you!

Bonus #1

  • Mastering Instagram Growth eBook Real Estate Edition

Bonus #2

  • eBusiness Card to gather leads in-person for FREE!!!
To test this out for yourself, follow the 3 easy steps below:
  1. Point your smartphone camera at the QR Code and click the banner at the top of your screen
  2. When the next page loads click "Open"
  3. In Messenger at the bottom click "Get Started"

No! We give you a fill-in-the-blank real estate template from the start, have videos for each step of the way and a concierge for 1-on-1 support.

Your risk-free trial period is 7-days long backed by our 90-day money-back guarantee!


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